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Insight Internet Marketing is a marketing company that specializes in online marketing. Our focus is not getting you to the top of the search engines or creating a beautiful web design although they are in our bag of tricks. InSight doesn't just get you to the top of the search engines, InSight helps you take over you market. We are not just about getting you the number one spot on Google, we are about getting you in front of all of your potential clients or customers, wherever they happen to be online. Then we help you turn those people into clients.

If your business isn't growing right now it is not because of the economy, it is because you are not growing it. That is a bold statement, how can we be so sure? Because we are helping our clients grow their businesses and become more profitable every day. The competition is definitely getting tougher. InSight can help you lower your new customer acquisition cost while increasing your gross profit margins. That could be just the advantage you are looking for.

You may well be the most knowledgeable SEO in the state of Indiana. Ray Harris - Former CEO of SitePropeller Inc.

Why choose us?

Research Based SEO

Don't be fooled by SEOs that don't base their work on up front research. That kind of approach is like going to war without knowing who you are fighting and where they are.

In business you create a plan, a strategy, you figure out where you are going and what it will take to get there before you start. That is how we work. We don't fly blind, we create a flight plan. Its how we know we can take you where you want to be.

Enterprise Class Software

You don't just want your website to work, your business needs it to work. The software we build is scalable, dependable, and secure. It does not just work. It's like the molten metal Terminator in Terminator 2. It takes whatever you can throw at it and keeps on going. The errors get logged, the data gets saved, the developer gets notified, and the visitor has a good user experience.

Leading Edge Design

At Insight, we have been leading the way in web design for over a decade. We did online scheduling where beauty salon customers could set their own appointments way back in 2004. We were helping clients get found in their local markets before Google Local. We were getting special deals out for small businesses before Groupon, Google Offers, and all the half price sites. We helped our clients that wanted to, to move to content managment software before Wordpress existed. Way back when Google Shopping was free and known as Froogle we were helping our e-commerce clients create feeds for it. We moved to smaller headers and logos right after Adobe and Microsoft (who lead that trend). And just to make you all jealous, we and most of our clients have had free business Gmail accounts since March of 2007 (That was back when you could have hundreds of email accounts for free).

A lot of that kind of front-running comes from being around a while, doing it, keeping up with the changes, and watching the trends as they happen. We are still leading the way for our clients, and helping them take advantage of the big new things before they are big. If you want a company that can help you keep up with the pace of the internet, then Insight is where you want to be.

Goals Based Initiatives

Forget the low hanging fruit approach to SEO. Your business won't survive on the leftovers your competitors leave behind. When we sit down with a client we want to know what would get them where they want to be as a company. Then we create a plan that gets them there at the speed they need to go to be able to manage the growth. That what a business needs.

You know marketing is a function of business. Business marketing should be profitable and within the budget. It should help the company reach its goals, not just help the web designer stay in business. It should make your business easier to manage, not create chaos. It should work for you, with you, and take you where you want to go.

So before you sit down with one of our sales professionals, think about what you want from your website, how it could make your life easier, and what it would take to get your company where you want it to go.

Mobile Device Integration

Mobile is not where everything is going, its where everything went. If your website is not mobile, you are losing business.

Getting your website mobile is probably not just a design change. It is rethinking how your company can offer your products or services seamlessly through a mobile device. Ebay bounced back partly because they moved to mobile. If you haven't thought about how your customers can do business with you from their smart phones and Ipads, you are losing business.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don't want "satisfied customers". We really want stark raving mad fanatics, but we sometimes settle for fans and followers. We want your friends, family, neighbors, clients, customers, and anyone else who sees your website to be jealous, to ask you, "Who did that website and what ungodly amount did you have to pay to get all that done?"

Websites are a commodity these days. Some guy in India can slap some pixels up for you for fifty bucks. We are not that guy. If you want to cheap out on your website and just get an online business card up, you don't need us.

But if you want to make your website your hardest working employee, get it making money for you before you get to the office in the morning, get emails from clients that want to hire you, instead of you sending people door to door trying to drum up business, or worse yet....cold-calling...then you want Insight. You want to be where your customers are when they are looking for what you offer. That's what we do at Insight.

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