The Lost Art of Banner Advertising

Banner advertising was abandoned by a lot of marketers when Google Adwords and other text based, cost per click advertising became available, but it has continued to be used and grown into a more savvy, targeted form of advertising that is still available and cost effective when done properly.

The New Age of Banner Ads

These days banner advertising can be just as focused and targeted to a specific audience as other CPC (cost per click) advertising methods making it a reliable, efficient, cost effective form of advertising for many businesses. The biggest difference is that while most business owners and "on the side" marketers can easily make an Adwords campaign profitable, doing the same with banner ads usually requires tracking software that is not easily available or as easy to set up as what is built into Adwords. Managing your cost per conversion is more difficult than with other CPC networks.

Consider this for a minute. According to independent researchers, Google only controls 6% of the internet traffic. Yahoo and Bing control less than that, so where is all the rest of the traffic coming from? If your business relies entirely on search engine marketing for it's visitors, you're missing out on a whole lot of business.

Why Banner Advertising Is Making A Comeback

Some people think that banner ads are the "old way" of advertising on the internet, but savvy internet marketers have been using them all along to bring traffic from sources that other CPC networks can't reach. In the same way that you wouldn't rely solely on a yellow page ad these days, you shouldn't rely solely on one traffic source.
When major changes are made by the search engines on how they determine how much you pay per click, it shakes up the market, and people who are used to paying pennies per click sometimes end up paying dollars or tens of dollars for clicks they were used to getting on the cheap. If your advertising budget suddenly started getting you one tenth the traffic it did before, that could mean serious problems for your business. Banner advertising gives you a method of bringing people to your website that doesn't typically go through such radical adjustments, and can help you remain steady when your competitors are getting shook up.

Business Is War

We've heard stories from Adwords specialists that were in bidding wars on Google Adwords with competitors who were copying the ads that they came up with and overbidding them for the top position. Having multiple sources of traffic would've helped their clients keep their competitive advantage in areas that their competition wasn't operating, making them able to be even more competitive in the Adwords market.

When you're in a competitive market, which most markets are online these days, you want to come at your competition from all sides. You want to find more and more ways to get traffic profitably, and convert those visitors into paying customers with less cost and effort than your competitors do. The better you can do that, the better chance you have of dominating your market.

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