Cost Per Action

Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising is one of the best kept secrets in internet marketing. Affiliate program managers use it all the time to pay affiliates for sales, leads, or sign ups because they know that the resulting sales will pay for the affiliates to promote their offer. That allows them to keep their profit margin steady while still aquiring traffic from sources that they may not be able to profitably find or reach.

You Only Pay For The Result You Want

That's the real power of CPA advertising. If that one statement doesn't convince you that CPA advertising could help your business get more sales, leads, or sign ups, what more can we tell you? CPA advertising comes in several different forms, but whether you hire it out or try to manage it yourself, we believe you should put CPA ads to work for you today. There's usually no way to lose, because again, you only pay for the actions that you want

Affiliate Marketing, the Ultimate CPA Source

We won't go into it in too much detail here, but when completed sales are what you're after, affiliate marketing is one of the best CPA methods to use. Generally you offer a commission or percentage of the net sale to the affiliate who brings the visitor to your website. Typically you pay those commissions within 30 days of the sale date, minus any refunds or cancellations. For more information about affiliate program management, click here.
Cost Per Action marketing keeps your profit margin steady and helps you find new traffic sources.

How To Use CPA for the Best Results

Our philosophy on CPA is pretty simple, get as much traffic as you can profitably. CPA makes that simple because your payout is fixed and only occurs when you make money, so with this marketing method we can expand rapidly and get as many people and networks promoting your business as possible.