Pay Per Click

Pay per click marketing, sometimes also called search engine marketing or SEM, is when you put an ad on the search engines or other websites and every time someone clicks on the ad and comes to your website, you pay a small fee. SEM is specifically when that ad is shown on a search engine or placed on a website by a search engine as is the case with Google Adwords' content network, but pay per click ads can be run all over the web as text link, banner, or even flash or video ads. What unites them all is thay you're paying only when someone clicks on your ad, not every time someone sees your ad (cost per impression) or every time someone does something you want (cost per action).

Buying Traffic?

Think about this for a minute. If Wal-mart would pay you to walk through the doors of their store, would you go? What if they paid you for every friend you brought with you, you would load up the van with friends and drive down to Wally World wouldn't you? And you know you wouldn't go all that way and walk in the store without at least grabbing a Pepsi while you were there right?

Buying traffic is one of the most powerful tools we have for getting traffic on the internet, and yet so many businesses don't do it, or if they do, they don't do it right. Check out our "10 Pay Per Click Mistakes Most Businesses Make" report for more information.

Pay per click is practically instant, targeted, prequalified traffic that you can pay pennies to a few dollars usually to bring to your site. If a few dollars seems expensive to you, how much did each person that looked you up in the phone book cost you? It was very probably more than that.

The Pay Per Click Mindset

Pay per click is a numbers game. It's figuring out where the traffic you want is, how much it's going to cost you to reach them, making sure you can make money on the deal, bringing them to your site, closing the sale, and tracking it all. It's both the fastest tool you can use to make money on the internet and the fastest way to lose all your money on the internet.
One mistake cost us $300.00 in one hour because a test ad got published in a live campaign.

For some people, the concept of buying traffic is a hard one because they have the mindset that the customers that they get now come to them for free. That is never the case. Everything that you put your business name or logo on costs you money, and keeping your name and logo out in front of your customers takes money to maintain. Whether we're talking about the uniforms your employees wear that you have to pay them an hourly wage to wear even after you buy them, or the sign on your building that you pay rent and electricity for, all marketing costs money, and that cost is distributed to every new customer that your marketing brings in. With pay per click marketing, the cost is very easy to calculate and it's much easier to make sure that your marketing is paying off.

When your business can profitably buy traffic, whether it's through radio, television, billboards, direct mail, or via the internet, you're in a powerful position in your market. When you need business, you can turn it on and get as much business as you need, when you're behind in your work you can turn it off and focus on the customers you currently have. That puts you in more control over your cashflow, your business growth, and your market.