Video Marketing

Video marketing includes a variety of methods of using streaming video content to promote a product or service online. Video embedded on your website enhances your visitor's experience and allows you to deliver your message quickly and consistently. Videos embedded on other websites including websites like deliver your message to searchers interested in your topic and can help you build your brand, establish credibility, and get interested visitors to your own website.

Online videos have a variety of uses like educating prospects, building brand identity, establishing rapport and credibility, distinguishing your business from your competitors, making visitors more comfortable visiting your place of business, promoting your products, services, or listings, training employees, contractors, or customers, client testimonials, and entertainment. No matter what your business does, there's probably a way you could use online media to make your business more successful.

What Makes Videos So Powerful?

A UCLA study showed that up to 93% of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. Information can be communicated effectively through plain text, but belief, excitement, authority, satisfaction, and many other intangibles that you'd like your customers to have in your ablility to serve them are communicated best without words. The words you say won't have nearly the impact that seeing and hearing the person saying them has on the listener. Video gives you the opportunity to express more than mere information and have a profound impact on each and every visitor to your site.

The Internet Is Moving Toward Dynamic Interactive Media

In a nutshell, if you don't have video on your website, your eventually going to lose your potential customers to your competitor who does. Surfing the web isn't just done on a desktop computer anymore, and a new generation of tech savvy individuals are browsing on smaller and smaller screens like laptops, PDA's, and cell phones. When a twenty-something wants to order pizza, they don't go find a desktop computer, they jump on their smart phone and get the pizza place's website and order it online or click on the phone number to dial it. When a teenager wants to hear a song on the radio, they can text their request to the radio station. When a thirty something is thinking about what they want for dinner, they may pull up nearby restuarants on their GPS or smartphone and see what's close that sounds good. The internet has changed the way we do business over and over and continues to change it. Those who make use of those changes will get the business, those who don't become obsolete.

Video marketing gives you greater emotional impact.

The constant struggle in marketing is learning and taking advantage of new media types. In an age where you can make more money than the average college grad just by posting videos on or putting your music that you recorded on your laptop on, it's getting more and more important to be ahead of the curve. Early adopters have the greatest advantage in the information age, and those that still haven't caught on to the video marketing trend have probably already lost a good percentage of their market share and just don't know it yet.

Fast AND Effective

When first came on the scene, Google helped roll it out by giving results first spots on their search engine. There was a time when you could get your website ranked number one on the search engines and literally drive 10's of thousands of visitors to your website in a day or two, just by posting a relevant video on YouTube. These days it's not as easy to get the number one spot on Google, but it's still fairly easy, in internet marketing terms, to use video to get lots of traffic to your website. Orabrush is a great example of that, and you can check out how they used video ads to launch their product here.

Getting Started

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