Viral Marketing ~ Free and Fun

Viral marketing is probably the most under utilized form of internet marketing for several reasons. It requires preparation, it requires a different way of thinking about marketing, and it requires systems that aren't in place in most businesses.

Viral marketing is the planned process of turning satisfied customers into promoters of your products or services through a system that makes it easy for them, and easy for the people they refer to you, and may or may not be incentivized.

The Amazing Results of Viral Marketing

In the late nineties when the internet was still in it's infancy and most people got internet access over a dial up connection, Hotmail was a free email client that promoted itself almost entirely through viral marketing. At the end of every email that was sent by a Hotmail user was the question, "Do you Hotmail?" and a link for them to click to sign up. Most people weren't all that impressed with their mail client, or didn't want to be tied to Outlook to check their email, so millions of people clicked that link and Hotmail became one of the most used email clients ever.

These days almost everyone has email and things have changed a lot, but GMail still has an "Invite Michael to use GMail" link in their mail client. All you have to do it click on it, and it shoots an email to that person who sent you an email already and "Invites" them to get a free GMail account. Viral marketing allows GMail to use your credibility to sell others on their products and services.

Why Viral Marketing Is So Important For Your Business

Most people are tired of hearing what the so called experts say, to the point that you don't even see the old "Nine out of ten dentists recommend" commercials on TV. Experts have been bought and sold, and in the process lost all their credibility. Moms are the most trusted source for information these days, because most people believe Mom would never sell out and promote something that wasn't good for you.

TV stars still have a lot of influence but with as many times as we hear about them getting drunk and getting arrested their areas of influence don't include health and well being type products, but are mainly focused on cosmetics and more image related products. Think Oil of Olay or Proactive for women and Tim Allen and Mike Rowe doing car commercials.
Viral Marketing can be the edge you need over your competitors.

Noone has quite the influence of someone that's close to you, knows you and where you're at, where you're coming from; Someone who wants what's best for you, wants to see you succeed, have fun, be better off physically, emotionally, financially; Someone who already has built a relationship with you, has proven themselves to you, someone whom you know you can trust. That's what makes viral marketing so powerful. Everyone has influence. When someone will lend you their influence because they believe in your product, have experienced your customer service, and want the people closest to them to have the same benefits that they've gotten, you can't ask for a better salesman.

We've seen viral marketing campaigns increase sales anywhere from 3% to 41%. We've seen them be added to an already successful internet marketing campaign, and be part of a new business launch. Every time we've used them we've been happy with the results. Most of the time, they're fairly easy to implement, and they can be the edge you need over your competitors. Give us a call today to see how we can make it easy for your satisfied customers to bring new business to you.