Whoever Controls Your Customers Controls Your Money.
Whoever Controls Your Money, Controls Your Business.

Most business owners have gotten phone calls from those (we will use the term loosly here) "Marketing" companies who want you to pay them hundreds or thousands of dollars a month for them to promote their website and their phone number and point them to your website and your phone number. They want to control your customers, and if you let them do that, you will be stuck paying them forever because they will control your business. Unfortunately thousands of people "hire" these companies to do their marketing for them and many feel like they are getting a good deal until they're stuck paying for customers and can't get free because they've hired employees and bought equipment and if the customers dry up, they're sunk.

Personally, I hate those companies. Not because they aren't better marketers than a lot of small business owners, but because their business model isn't based on good, sound, proven, business principles that help their clients in the long term. The money you pay them goes into that deep abyss of non-refundableness, and many business owners don't find out until its too late that what they were paying for can be re-sold again to the highest bidder once they quit making their monthly payments.

At InSight, we don't do marketing that way. You pay for it, you own it, it is yours, it is that simple.