Membership Websites

Any time you have exclusive products, position, services, or pricing to offer, you have value for which you can charge members for access. People pay for value. If there’s value in the proposition, there’s probably someone that will pay you for it. These are the main types of membership sites:

  • Products – Exclusive products or pricing
  • Information – Long term access or exclusive information
  • Position – Paying for placement or exposure on your website
  • Services – Ongoing services or long term deliverables

Product Memberships

Exclusive products or exclusive pricing on products is valuable. People will pay to have access. Whether you’re giving them special products, discounts on products, or just sending products to them every so often, you can probably make a membership site out of it. Discount clubs, shoe clubs, cheese clubs, coupon clubs, or if you want to give exclusive offers to members of other clubs, there’s membership potential.


If you offer information that is continuously updated or added to or you have a search mechanism that makes information easier to access and saves the user time or effort you have a potential membership site.


Think directories, think advertisers, think promoting your clients on your website, think about the traffic you want coming to your site and who else might be interested in being in front of that traffic on an ongoing basis. Think about who would find it valuable and profitable on an ongoing basis to be in front of your website visitors.


With service memberships the possibilities are endless, what could you do for people that they would pay you to do for them on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. There are endless membership possibilities.

Repeat Sales with Membership Sites

What makes membership so powerful is the built in potential for recurring sales. Want to even out your annual cash flow? This is a way to do it. Want to keep your clients coming back? Here you go. Want to be the one provider that your prospects think about when they think about the product or service you offer? This is it. There are three keys to making your membership site work for you.

  1. Exposure – Tell everyone about your memberships
  2. Retention - Watch your attrition rate
  3. Automation – Make it all work without you

The last thing you need to know about membership sites is how to dominate your market. That piece of vital information is our bread and butter, but when you hire us, we will make it work for you.