Do we do website design?

Of course, but our approach to website design is much different than the typical web design company becuase we do internet marketing. There are lots of great graphics designers that can build you an award winning website. In our opinion they get hired by business owners and managers that want to show off the glitz and the glamour of a $30,000.00 or more website. But at the end of the day, what you are accountable for is not how awesome the site looks, but how much money it puts in your bank account.  Which would you rather have, a $30,000.00 business card on the web, or an ugly, beat up, run down website that brings in an extra $100,000.00 a year in profit?  Fortunately you do not have to choose between good looking or not, but you do have to have in mind how it's going to make you money from the beginning, or it just won't make you money.

First Things... Not So First

While other design companies start with the design itself and then try to cram all the functionality that you want into it, we start with the nuts and bolts of what your site needs to do to be integrated into your business processes and convert website visitors into paying customers, and then we create a design that incorporates all that plus some sophisticated tracking functionality in such a way that when a prospective buyer visits your website for the first time, not only are they blown away by the design, beauty, and elegance of it, but they are equally impressed with the fact that they found everything they wanted and either started or preferably finished the process of becoming a paying member of your new client club.

"We Can Build It Better, Stronger, Faster. We Have The Technology."

You see at InSight, we believe that your website is your hardest working employee. It works 24/7/365, delivers a consistent brand and marketing message, moves visitors into or through your company's sales funnel, and sends them off with a smile, a thank you, and an expectation for your next point of contact with them. That is what the best websites do, that is what your website could do, and if it did, what kind of impact would that have on your business?

As you can see, there's more to website design than just striking visual graphics.  Having your website integrated into your business processes and making it an integral part of your marketing strategy is still just the starting point for us at InSight. Building a website and making it everything it needs to be for your business doesn't bring the first visitor to your site.

Built To Bring In Traffic

We make your website search engine friendly and make it communicate your message in a way the people who want what you offer will be able to find it. It's the well known concept of matching your message to your market, but on the internet, it is a bit more complicated and a whole lot more cluttered. For instance, if you are an attorney, do you use the word "attorney" all over your site or the word "lawyer"? Do you promote your trial and litigation services or do you talk about "personal injury"? What if your biggest competitor is the "Kleenex" of your industry (Kleenex makes facial tissues) and you can not use thier trademarked name on your website? (Facial tissue gets about 10% of the searches that Kleenex gets.) All of these things are best considered before you begin building your website so that the finished product attracts the people your business wants to serve.

What Else Could There Be?

Site navigation, link structure, fitting in with the rest of your market, W3C compliance, ADA Accessability, HIPPA compliance, using the appropriate technologies to communicate your marketing message effectively, page load time, pre-compiling, usability (yoos-ability), and cross browser compatibility, all have to be considered for all of your site's visitors to have a good user experience. At InSight, we take all of these into consideration while we're still in the building process so that we don't get to the end and find out that your site design is good, but noone wants to spend any time on your website.

Laughing All The Way To The Bank

That's how we want to see our clients. At InSight, it's about you being proud of your website because it looks great and also because it puts money in your bank account. Anyone who's been in business for a while has spent money on marketing that didn't bring in any business. Hopefully you've also experienced what it's like to invest in marketing and have that money come back over and over and over again. We prefer giving our clients that feeling that you get when you invest in something that pays off, and keeps paying off. We build that into every website we design. If your current website doesn't make you laugh all the way to the bank, get in touch with us and find out what InSight can do for you.